Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management gives our customers secure, flexible supply and cost efficiency.

Trilogy-Net employs state of the art Manufacturing Resource Planning software to optimize raw materials inventory levels on hand. Flexible contracts with the major distribution partners allow inventory replenishment within 24-hour lead times for identified components. This allows us take advantage of falling component pricing in the market place, while still ensuring supply stability on a contract basis. Title of raw materials does not transfer until Trilogy-Net is ready to produce the final product. This lowers carrying costs and mitigates risk for both Trilogy-Net and our customers.

Trilogy-Net will respond to real time demand signals from customers and produce, assemble, test, and ship finished goods to the market. This system gives our customers the ability to have product changes and enhancements to enter the marketplace as quickly as possible. No longer will a number of units in inventory need to be re-worked should a fault be diagnosed, but rather the change tested on Trilogy-Net's prototype lines, certified, and then quickly moved into volume production.

Our customers are not required to manage inventory of finished goods, or carry these on their books. The only inventory that should exist will be in the distribution channel, with a small float in Calgary that is constantly replenished based on market requirements. For large product orders, Trilogy-Net has sufficient capacity to react quickly and deliver on time. As our customers grow, Trilogy-Net adds capability under contract to support their business plans. The management of the supply chain is also extended to warranty repair operation.

Industry-Leading Customers

A sample of the customers that have audited and approved Trilogy-Net's facilities and processes:
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