Trilogy-Net's NPI is proven to rationalize the total product cost and work, and reduce these where possible during the NPI phases. Ultimately we see that this improves reliability of the product generates higher manufacturing yields, and reduces the total delivered cost of the finished product.

Trilogy-Net works closely with our customer's hardware engineers as well as technical support from key component suppliers. This allows Trilogy-Net's supply chain team to advise customers on any material issues or opportunities regarding delivery and cost. When required, Trilogy-Net leverages its partnerships with qualified design engineers to ensure that the most complex requirements are met for PCBs in sophisticated tools and equipment as well as for harsh environments.

Design for Manufacturability

A key element in Trilogy-Net's NPI is the DFM service: a report outlining areas of opportunity regarding fabrication, manufacture, assembly, test and supply, with specific focus on board layout, component usage, and the manufacturing process.


Trilogy-Net delivers high-end PCB layouts to meet most any complex electronic and physical requirements. With input from your electronic and industrial designers of choice, Trilogy-Net quickly provides initial design, inspection and troubleshooting, and incorporates a flexible Change Management process to quickly provide our customers with a high-quality prototype.


Trilogy-Net's on-time material procurement ensures the supply network delivers small quantities of parts quickly while also optimizing raw materials inventory levels on hand. Flexible contracts with the major distribution partners allow inventory replenishment within 24-hour lead times for identified components, and our customers are not required to carry these on their books.


Trilogy-Net's NPI provides a quick-turn prototype service area is a flexible work environment focussed specifically on meeting new product introduction needs. This includes the use of a cut tape table to make use of only the components needed, thereby keeping costs down. Dedicated staff and equipment are accessible to our customers so that the design of the product are optimized for surface mount, through hole, and final assembly operations. Access to our team of manufacturing experts assures your prototype is built with an eye to future volume production. While variables such as design and component requirements can impact delivery times, generally Trilogy-Net is able to turn around complex, fully tested prototypes in a week.

Change Management

Trilogy-Net knows that engineering changes or new product data demand immediate incorporation into the NPI work flow. With NPI, we quickly implement engineering change orders (ECOs) and iterate product data management so that the impact of these changes is minimized, and that any changes are smoothly incorporated into the existing NPI process.


As part of the ongoing process during prototype build, Trilogy-Net analyzes, debugs and provides detailed reports. Testing is unique for each customer and project, and so Trilogy-Net utilizes its in-house test capabilities, which includes an RF room, flying probe, in-circuit, and CAD-based automated optical inspection. When required, Trilogy-Net turns to a variety of partners in the industry. Testing is focused on the delivery of fully functioning products from Trilogy-Net, to ultimately see a significant reduction of DOA arrivals in the distribution channel.

Industry-Leading Customers

A sample of the customers that have audited and approved Trilogy-Net's facilities and processes:
Agile Prototyping
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