Trilogy-Net serves a wide variety of market sectors, and has considerable experience in delivering products incorporating complex core technologies and are employed in harsh environments. Our customers are typically market leaders within their respective sectors. Consequently, they demand only the highest levels of ongoing quality, coupled with the most cost efficient and lean manufacturing processes. Our aim is to achieve, and where possible, exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering excellence at all levels throughout our business activity for leaders in:

IC Manufacturing
Oil and Gas Services
Specialized Industries

Industry-Leading Customers

A sample of the customers that have audited and approved Trilogy-Net's facilities and processes:
Agile Prototyping
Is it just us, or has anyone else noticed how dramatically the pace has quickened at which new products must be innovated and brought to market?

Trilogy-Net's Agile Prototyping

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Trilogy-Net's Agile Prototyping
delivers production-quality boards with fewer revisions.