Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Trilogy-Net employs two fully automated Surface Mount production lines in Calgary, in addition to the discrete Prototyping line in Calgary. Each line employs automated stencil printing equipment from EKRA, high capacity surface mount equipment from MYDATA, and computer controlled multi-zone re-flow ovens from HELLER.

Trilogy-Net's equipment is state of the art. Our MYDATA fleet offers unsurpassed accuracy and flexibility during assembly. All programming and logistics flows seamlessly between our lines providing supply security for our customers on a real time basis. MYDATA equipment allows Trilogy-Net to place over 250,000 real world components per shift (in addition to the prototyping line), and operate on a 7 x 24 basis depending on our customer's requirements. Each MYDATA product utilizes the latest in optimization software to ensure the most efficient component placement routines. This improves throughput, reduces production time, and allows Trilogy-Net to cost-effectively produce with benchmark consistency from board to board. Each MYDATA machine electrically tests components as they are picked to ensure they are the correct value.

Industry-Leading Customers

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Agile Prototyping
Is it just us, or has anyone else noticed how dramatically the pace has quickened at which new products must be innovated and brought to market?

Trilogy-Net's Agile Prototyping

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Trilogy-Net's Agile Prototyping
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