Agile Prototyping

Trilogy-Net’s Agile Prototyping is a specialized process focused on the rapid delivery of complex and harsh environment prototype boards in fewer full revisions. Agile Prototyping is a new approach that optimizes cost and time through manual component placement, and ensures quality and rigour with leading edge automation. In this way, Agile Prototyping can rapidly deliver even a single production-quality and complex prototype board.

Our customers say that Agile Prototyping gives them competitive advantage by reducing and eliminating unnecessary costs, achieving faster delivery of production quality prototypes and accelerates their testing and speed-to-market for new products.

Reduce or eliminate unnecessary costs

Starting with a comprehensive Design for Manufacturing (DFM) review, Agile Prototyping quickly identifies areas for potential design improvement, cost savings and getting to your prototype goal in fewer revisions. Often, we can eliminate an entire revision cycle from the process. And because we have the flexibility to handle cut tape and loose components versus full tape and reel, we can likely find immediate savings in your BoM costs.

Faster delivery of production-quality and complex prototypes

Agile Prototyping has at its foundation processes specific to getting a production-quality and complex prototype in hand as quickly as possible. By incorporating hand placement of components, programming time and machine scheduling delays are eliminated. Integration with Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) ensures fully accurate placement and each board is compared to the actual design specification. All prototype boards go through reflow soldering and ovens to ensure production quality connections.

Accelerate testing and speed-to-market for new products

By delivering a production-quality board, time and costs related to identifying manufacturing errors are eliminated so you can focus on the testing and debugging of your design. Agile Prototype assigns a dedicated program manager to ensure consistent and regular interaction with the customer and accurate updates to documentation. Program Managers also ensure that any design, BoM, ECN/ECO, or supply chain changes are accurately documented and quickly implemented, so you can rapidly and smoothly transfer to new product production with no hidden surprises.
With ever-shortening product life cycles, time-to-market on a global scale has become critical to the success - even the survival -- of many companies. Getting a cost-effective, production quality prototype quickly speeds your new product introduction (NPI) and can be the all-important differentiator between market leaders and market followers.

Industry-Leading Customers

A sample of the customers that have audited and approved Trilogy-Net's facilities and processes:
Agile Prototyping
Is it just us, or has anyone else noticed how dramatically the pace has quickened at which new products must be innovated and brought to market?

Trilogy-Net's Agile Prototyping

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