Aerospace electronics manufacturing comprise some of the most stringent technical requirements that need fail-proof functioning in the most difficult of environments. When security and lives are on the line, there is no second chance. Our ISO 9000:2000, ICP-A-610E-2010 and other required certifications mean along with our track record proves that we can meet aerospace-grade requirements for the most complex designs that operate in the harshest of conditions.

Trilogy-Net Inc. continues to deliver high standards for these demanding conditions by providing:

Rapid prototyping of complex designs

Processes designed for aerospace mid-volume production

Visual inspection at all stages and comprehensive manual and automated testing

Dedicated resources for complete mechanical assemblies and box builds

Industry-Leading Customers

A sample of the customers that have audited and approved Trilogy-Net's facilities and processes:
Agile Prototyping
Is it just us, or has anyone else noticed how dramatically the pace has quickened at which new products must be innovated and brought to market?

Trilogy-Net's Agile Prototyping

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Trilogy-Net's Agile Prototyping
delivers production-quality boards with fewer revisions.